Sunday, June 3, 2012

Airgurus' New Helicopter Achieves New Milestone

Airgurus Ltd. Co. achieves new milestone with the arrival of its' new helicopter... the Bell 206 BIII. This new baby painted in Airgurus' colors black, white, red and silver, has just successfully completed its' first 60-minute maiden flight in the Philippine skies.

Now available for private charters, helicopter tours and for air ambulance / medevac services, the new addition to Airgurus' helicopter fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety and consistently provide the best service to its' clients.

The Bell 206 BIII which is named as Hawkeye, is suited with Garmin G500H... an all-glass avionics system designed specifically for the VFR Part 27 helicopter market. Airgurus' Garmin G500H is the first in the Philippines. The Garmin's G500H dual-screen electronic flight display provides an affordable flight solution that meets the needs of the most demanding helicopter missions of Airgurus.

The G500H features dual LCD screens with the Bell 206 BIII's Primary Flight Display and the Multifunction Display which covers the three main areas of risk in helicopter operations... inadvertent flight into IMC, controlled flight into terrain and night operations. The G500H was designed to proactively address these issues to help reduce risks and challenges that come from a busier airspace. 

Captain Harry Lero, President/CEO of Airgurus said, this acquisition of Garmin G500H proves how serious Airgurus is about safety of their clients and their fleet. Another milestone indeed for the Philippines' best helicopter company.


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