Tuesday, May 15, 2012


To support its' air ambulance services in the Philippines, Airgurus Ltd. Co. recently acquired a new ground ambulance. This is due to the upcoming addition of two (2) air ambulance helicopters to serve those in urgent medical transport within the Philippines. 

Sky Aid members will be privileged to make full use of these ground ambulances should the need for ground transfer arise. 

Equipped with advance life support systems, this dedicated ground ambulance of Airgurus will provide patients better medical care during transport from air ambulance to hospitals / apt medical facilities without a helipad or from hospitals to airports.

Airgurus Ltd. Co. is the best 24/7 air ambulance company in the Philippine archipelago. To inquire, please go to www.airgurus.com. Hotline numbers and 24/7 email inquiry buttons are there for fast service.

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