Sunday, February 19, 2012

Capt. Harry Lero on our 858th Medical Evacuation Mission

Last week was our CEO | Chief Pilot's birthday. Instead of us celebrating his birthday the night before, Captain Harry Lero and our medical flight crew had to get some good rest since they were scheduled to fly to San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. The mission... to immediately transport a critically injured motorcycle accident victim to an apt facility in Manila via one of our air ambulance helicopters.

When it comes to saving one's life, Captain Lero puts himself first on the line thus; making the preparation to celebrate his own birthday on the same day becomes impossible for us at Airgurus.We all celebrated it with him the next day. Other special occasions like Valentines, Christmas and New Years with him is also quite impossible as he always has to do his missions. We can't complain... as Airgurus Ltd. Co. is the best provider of air ambulance transport.

The mission to transport the motorcycle accident victim from San Carlos City, Negros Occidental marked his 858th medical evacuation flight in the Philippines. Yes... our 858th successful mission.

Captain Harry Lero is good brother to his siblings, a good son to his parents, a good father to his children, a good boss to us at Airgurus, a good and humble friend to everyone... but not too many knows that he is... our everyday hero in the Philippines.

As of writing and as of today we are on our 862nd medical evacuation mission.

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